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    Dressing for Success

    Always dress like you might decide to drop by a restaurant or nightclub with a dress code. Because you might. And even if you don’t, you might as well look like a guy who’s got plans. Studies have shown that

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    Get Noticed

    When you have a suit that compliments your shape and accentuates your best features, people will surely take notice. Our suits are made to only to fit your body, so you can rest assured you will be noticed for all the right reasons.


    See Why Our Suits Are A Cut Above The Rest

    Fortified Jacket Collar

    All Mahira's jacket collars are fortified with multiple layers of stitching to ensure that your collars stay neat and crisp all day. This reinforcement not only prevents your collar from rolling, but also helps to keep it flipped up for extra protection against cold or windy weather.

    Hand Picked Lapel & Functional Lapel Buttonhole

    As one of the signatures of a custom truly handmade suit or blazer, hand picked lapels add an elegant finish to a garment you will be sure to show off. Look for the subtle variation in stitching, an inherent feature of handmade garments, to spot an original from a machine made imposter.

    Sweat Shields

    Implemented to help you wear your custom suit or sports coat with all the confidence in the world, sweat shields are built into every Mahira's jacket.

    Premium Fabrics and Fully Canvased Jackets

    Perhaps one of the most important features of a handmade garment is the material it is made from. Mahira's Custom Clothiers source material from some of the most notable fabric mills in the world including: Holland and Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Dormeuil, and Loro Piana. Additionally Mahira's jackets are constructed with a fine horsehair canvas lining that forms the body of your jacket and provides it with its exceptional structure, fit and fall.

    Intricate Silk Linings

    Mahira's truly believes that a Custom Suit is a reflection of an individual’s personality. Tell your story even better and be as flashy or conservative as you like when choosing from dozens of fancy silk linings to adorn the inside of your jacket. From intricate paisleys to bold and bright polka dots you will be sure to find a lining that speaks to you.

    Rubberized Waistband

    A functional feature you will be sure to love, built into every pair of Custom Slacks is a rubberized strip lining the inside of your waistband. Intended to help prevent your shirt from becoming untucked, it will help keep you looking your best all day.

    Endless Style Options

    Each one of our Custom Suits are constructed to your every specification making it truly one-of-a-kind. Customize your jacket with your choice of lapel, jacket vent and pocket style. Add some flair to your jacket by incorporating contrast threading into your functioning buttonholes or under your sleeve buttons. Your Custom Slacks can be equally as customizable with a range of styles to select from. Discover your options with Mahira's Custom Clothiers.

    Functioning Buttonholes

    Perhaps its original function may no longer be relevant, functioning buttonholes is a sartorial signature that is here to stay. This feature is another sign of a Custom and Handmade garment and you can choose to embellish them in any way you like.

    Lined Slacks

    Every pair of Custom Slacks comes lined with a silky smooth material for added comfort and to help keep the fall of your slacks as intended.

    Heel Guards

    All Mahira's custom garments are built to stand the test of time. In order to prevent your Custom Slacks from an early retirement, we have reinforced the heel cuff with an additional layer of fabric. A subtle feature that goes a long way.


      We fit our customers in our office in Seattle with detailed measurements and photographs, and then have the garments made in our workshop in Hong Kong. In 3-4 weeks, we have the customer come back to our office for the final fitting. In special cases, we can expedite the order in 2-3 weeks.Please contact us for more information by emailing us at info@mahiras.com or by phone at (206) 387-9879