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5 Steps On How To Dress Well For A Man

5 Steps On How To Dress Well For A Man

By dressing well, guys can give off the appearance of being confident, attractive, put-together men that any firm would want to hire and any woman would want to date. One’s attire is one of the first things noticed by others, and these first impressions are long-lasting. With a few simple steps, any guy can dress to impress everyday.

Step 1:
Dress according to the activities in your life, and the image you want to project. Dressing according to trends can be fun, but if it’s not appropriate for what you’re actually doing at the moment, it can make you look out of place. Be true to the person that you are and the things that you actually do.

Step 2:
Consider your personality when picking your clothes. You don’t have to force yourself to be anything you’re not, and it’s very important that your clothes accentuate who you really are. Just make sure that you’re not wildly inappropriate or projecting an image that doesn’t do you justice.

Step 3:
Pick your statements carefully. Dressing well means showing that you are comfortable being yourself, not hiding behind what your clothes say. It’s good to wear clothes that reflect your interests, but avoid being a walking advertisement or wearing shirts that display offensive or sarcastic statements. You will be more attractive if you project a positive image to the world. Try not to look like you’re wearing a costume or uniform. Just make sure that you take your own activities and physique into consideration.

Step 4:
Know what clothes suit your body. You don’t need to have an ideal body to look good in what you’re wearing. Clothes can make a big difference in how your body looks, and can give the illusion that you are taller or thinner than you are. Think of dressing as creating an optical illusion. Look at the lines and shapes your clothes make on your body, and consider how they relate to optimal proportions. The ideal masculine proportion is tall, wider at the shoulders and narrower at the hips. Look for clothes that hide and accentuate the right parts. It’s OK to play with these proportions a bit, depending on the occasion and your social group. Just be conscious about how your clothes make your body look, and think about how to compromise good proportion with fashion statements.

Step 5:
Remember that bad hygiene or posture can ruin even the best outfit. Always make sure that you are clean, well groomed, and holding yourself up straight. Have a good grooming routine. Smelling bad or looking dirty or sweaty is never attractive. Don’t wear too much cologne. Get a haircut that is flattering and up-to-date. A good haircut should complement the shape of your face. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed (if necessary), and in good repair. Don’t slouch, fidget, or have an overly exaggerated walk. Your clothes will look better if you carry yourself with ease and confidence.