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About Us

Manu Mahtani began his career in Hong Kong in the mid 1960s. He was an apprentice in a clothing company before opening his own business in Hong Kong. He used to travel all around the world, but fell in love with Seattle and decided to make the beautiful Puget Sound his home. Since 1969, we have had a showroom in downtown Seattle and our factory based in Hong Kong.

Mahira’sĀ oldest clients have been with us for over 35 years. Those who choose Mahira’s to dress them are testament of the service we provide. Our reputation of excellence has been built on proving over and over that we deliver world-class garments and service at an affordable price. Most importantly, Manu has a unique skill of bringing out your very best. Over and over we hear our customers say that they’ve never received so many compliments on how good they look, or that for the first time in their lives, they have clothes that properly fit them.

Mahira’s is built on establishing unique relationships with our customers; relations based on trust and our commitment to be the best for you. Invest in yourself, and let us bring out the best in you!

Please contact us for more information by emailing us at info@mahiras.com or by phone at (206) 387-9879.

Fit in your suit

Expect Excellence

We specialize in custom tailored suits, shirts, jackets, slacks, and tuxedos for the hard-to-fit and those who appreciate the look, quality, and feel of hand-crafted garments.


No two people in this world are alike, and it’s often difficult buying suits and shirts off the rack. With ready-made suits, a person tries to fit the suit. In a true custom tailored garment, the suit fits you.