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5 Steps On How To Dress Well For A Man

By dressing well, guys can give off the appearance of being confident, attractive, put-together men that any firm would want to hire and any woman would want to date. One’s attire is one of the first things noticed by others, and these first impressions are long-lasting. With a few simple steps, any guy can dress to impress everyday. Step 1: Dress according to the activities in your life, and the …Read More

Star Spangled Accessories

Start panicking! The Fourth of July is upon us and you’ve just realized that American flag tank you’ve been donning out of patriotic due diligence for the past few years has gone AWOL from your closet. Before you run off to buy some kitschy replacement, consider it might time to step up your reds, whites, and blues. So how can you show off your allegiance to our flag without being …Read More

Suit Up for Seersucker

As if Mother Nature is conspiring against Mother Fashion, the heat has flared up throwing your Fourth of July plans askew. Don’t sweat it and confirm that barbeque! Suit up in a seersucker suit this Independence Day and you will make it through to the fireworks. Like many other hot weather fabrics, seersucker is originally from India. Known for its inherent crinkled texture and stripes, Seersucker is a classic fabric …Read More

Short Suit, Not a Tall Order

Do you possess both legs and bravery? If you answered yes, you are set to be the most stylish gentleman in your party this Fourth of July. Express yourself this Independence Day by sporting the most stylish look of this summer, the short suit. The short suit is a play on the traditional suit, replacing the traditionally full-length trousers with cropped shorts. This new look has been adopted for a …Read More

Gingham Style

As July approaches, it’s time to look at your closet more thoughtfully. Your weather app is practically screaming at you to stay near an air conditioner at all times but all the events of the summer are out in the sun.  We have the solution to all your worries and its name is gingham. This understated staple is not always taken advantage of in the spring and summer months. Gingham …Read More

The value of personal service

The value of personal service – A window in an old world craft, catering to the Modern Gentleman. Brought to you by the staff of Mahira’s Hong Kong Tailoring and our Master Tailor and Designer ~ Andre Lani  Online sales are at an all time high and the ability to buy just about anything without getting up from the couch has never been easier. We here at Mahira’s Hong Kong …Read More