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Sports Jackets and Blazers

Sport jackets and BlazersSports jackets are a great accessory to have for casual events. We offer them in tweeds, cashmeres, cashmere-wool blend, light-weight wools, silken wool, and linens. These fabrics are imported from England and Italy.



Our suits are made from the finest fabrics in the world. We buy from the best mills in Italy and England. We utilize world-renowned fabrics from Giorgio Vallino, Dormeuil, Valentino, Garavino, Reda, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Zegna. Each suit is customized from 30 of your measurements, much more specific than any over-the-counter suit will be. We offer classic, contemporary, and traditional cuts. We also offer British and Italian styles as well. With different styles and fabrics to choose from, additional nuances to the suit include variations from one to three button suits, from single to double-breasted cuts.


We offer custom-made trousers with many variations in style: from no pleat to 1-2 pleats. There are different types of pockets to select from, and the bottom of the slacks can be finished with or without cuffs.



When buying an off-the-rack shirt, one has basically 2 measurements to ask: a collar size and sleeve length. Two people with the same measurements may vary in weight by more than 30 pounds. Therefore it is not possible for 2 people to fit into the same shirt. In designing our custom-made shirts, we take over 15 measurements from collar size to body size. Every part of the body is individually measured. No 2 customers have the same wrist size for a cuff. We account for a person’s posture, as there could be variations from sloping shoulders, to square shoulders, to normal shoulders. We offer 15 different collar styles with different collar heights and collar points. There are different styles for pockets and cuffs. We also offer monograms with initials, and we’ll be more than happy to put your first name. Now that’s a “custom” touch! Our fabric selection consists of: Egyptian broadcloth, English poplins, pinpoint Oxfords, Sea island cottons, Italian and Irish linens, and fine Italian cottons. We also offer cotton blends as well.


Tuxedos are signature clothing that often marks an important time in one’s life from weddings to other formal occasions. The quality and fit of our tuxedos is guaranteed so you look your best on that special day. We have a vast selection of fabrics in different cloth weights. There are 8 different styles to choose from.


Tuxedo Shirts

We offer various styles for the front body of the tuxedo shirt with different styles for collars. These shirts are individually cut using the finest English Poplins. We also offer cuff styles and individualized monogramming.

Top Coats

We offer a huge selection of fabrics to choose from that we import from England and Italy. The fabrics come from pure cashmere, cashmere wool, camel hair, tweeds, and gaberdines.



We offer many different kinds of vests. Most people wear vests under a suit, but we also sell vests to people who enjoy the look of vests with trousers. Our vests are cut to individual body measurements and they lay in a better form than ready-made vests where they have to put a strap at the back to tighten the fit. Our vests have a very clean and elegant look at the back without hanging straps.