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Short Suit, Not a Tall Order

Short Suit, Not a Tall Order

Do you possess both legs and bravery? If you answered yes, you are set to be the most stylish gentleman in your party this Fourth of July. Express yourself this Independence Day by sporting the most stylish look of this summer, the short suit.

The short suit is a play on the traditional suit, replacing the traditionally full-length trousers with cropped shorts. This new look has been adopted for a variety of occasions. It can be worn anywhere from the beach or to the red carpet. That said, however, the choices you make regarding cut, fit, and styling will make or break your ensemble.

Before going head on into this summer trend, remember it is a short suit. All of the rules regarding the fit of a traditional suit still apply in the short suit. Depending on your body type some suit cuts will look better than others. The three basic types of suit cuts are the American, British, and Italian.

Personal nationality preferences aside, the most common cut for short suits seen on the runway and street is the British cut. The British cut is known for cinching in the waist and light padding on the shoulders. These construction details result in a powerful, slimming, and fashion forward look. This classic cut is perfect for the short suit as it pushes the boundaries of fashion while giving a nod to its time-honored counterpart.

Finding the right cut and fit to successfully wear the short suit is not complete without creative and effortless styling. Wearing a plain white t-shirt with your suit is a great way to make a statement. For those who like to dress up a little more, a plain collared shirt is another way to achieve the same understated look. Pair this ensemble with a great pair of sneakers and maybe some floral socks. Wanting to make a bigger impact on your audience? Pair your jacket and shorts with a technicolored print shirt. Be Bold! Play with your look a bit and don’t be afraid to express yourself through color and accessories.

Remember, our forefathers fought for liberties, the pursuit of happiness, and the right to bare calf muscles. Don’t miss your opportunity this Fourth of July to steal the show by trying out a new look that is fun and undoubtedly charming.