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The value of personal service

The value of personal service

The value of personal service – A window in an old world craft, catering to the Modern Gentleman. Brought to you by the staff of Mahira’s Hong Kong Tailoring and our Master Tailor and Designer ~ Andre Lani

 Online sales are at an all time high and the ability to buy just about anything without getting up from the couch has never been easier. We here at Mahira’s Hong Kong Tailoring have a different approach to what a ‘sale’ means. Call us old fashioned or cliché, but the value that an experienced professional who has spent years perfecting their craft is not something to be overlooked. We treasure our ability to greet and interact with customers, listen to their interests, desires and preferences and together create a product that is truly unique to that relationship. Our business is not centered around selling clothing. We dress and outfit men to make them look the best they can.

While some clients may come to us on a quest for a simple white shirt that is made well and fits great, it’s seldom that these individuals are not intrigued by the opportunity to customize even the most subtle of details. Many of our clients work in a professional setting which requires an equally professional wardrobe. However, even in conservative settings, a pleasant English Cut Away Collar and French Cuffs can add a jaunty flair to an otherwise staple outfit. Perhaps the need is for a shirt that can be worn to work and seamlessly transitioned to a causal outing for a reunion with close friends at a local pub. In this instance we have the opportunity to make recommendations to our clients and provide them with options to fit their needs.

By personally measuring, fitting and designing clothing for each one of our patrons we maintain the unique ability to customize every garment to best suit each individual. Whether it’s raising the armholes to provide a slender shape to those who prefer the sleekest of silhouettes, or to design the shoulders on a suit jacket to better frame the client, our underlying goal remains the same as it was decades ago when Mahira’s Custom Tailoring was founded in Seattle and that is to provide our patrons with exemplary garments and service.

Andre Lani is both a master and a student of his craft.

“I am not as compelled or moved by name brand designers as I am about the eb and flow of trends, the nuances that jacket lapels take in the angles they are cut, or the effortless drape of a fine super 130’s fabric. I strive to provide my clients with timeless pieces that incorporate what I think is the best of our current trend. Regardless, designing clothing is art to me; it’s a process that I love and I am always excited to see what my clients and I are capable of designing together.”