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Star Spangled Accessories

Star Spangled Accessories

Start panicking! The Fourth of July is upon us and you’ve just realized that American flag tank you’ve been donning out of patriotic due diligence for the past few years has gone AWOL from your closet. Before you run off to buy some kitschy replacement, consider it might time to step up your reds, whites, and blues. So how can you show off your allegiance to our flag without being draped in it from head to toe? Embrace your right to accessorize!

Without a doubt, accessories are a vital part of the well-dressed man’s closet and are not usually taken advantage of. Typically, the average man only owns a few ties and a trustworthy watch. Break free of tradition and have more fun with your look this Fourth of July.

Ties are a little too formal for even the chicest barbeque. Consider stretching your creativity and trying out a red, white, and/or blue bowtie. Once a sign of intellectualism, the bowtie now signifies playfulness and wit. Wearing a patriotic bowtie you will be turning heads in the best way!

Feel a little too shy for a bowtie? An American inspired pocket square is a great way to celebrate our great nation. The pocket square, also known as the handkerchief, can be found in a variety of colors and prints. This accessory is the epitome of luxury and easiness making it perfect for a get together on the yacht or a good ‘ol fashion, down-home barbeque.

Smaller accessories that make less of a statement are appropriate for the laid-back guy. Leather bracelets, belt, or printed socks can (and should) be worn this Independence day. The key to a great patriotic look this coming holiday is to follow the color scheme of the flag. You can’t go wrong by sporting some red, white, and blue!

Don’t overthink your look too much this Fourth of July. It is important to remember that it’s America’s birthday, and America wants YOU……to look your best!  – Sophie